We create domestic treatment plants with a capacity of 1 to 2 m3/d.

Bionor B5 – from 4 to 6 residents
Bionor B10 – from 5 to 10 residents

  • SBR technology (batch wastewater treatment)
  • high degree of wastewater treatment (above 95%)
  • stability of the treatment process
  • possibility of economic use of treated wastewater
  • viable solution to the issue of sludge (sludge dryers + possibility of composting)
  • low operating costs
  • automation and control of the process
  • operational reliability
  • high flexibility in terms of throughput
  • easy access to all equipment of the treatment plant

Our modern domestic treatment plant does not require:

  • primary settling tanks
  • periodic removal of liquid sludge
  • infiltration drainage
  • use of bio-preparations

The wastewater treatment plants are certified in accordance with the PN-EN 12566-3:2005+A2:2013 standard, confirmed by tests conducted by a notified laboratory.